Brickcom wins best product Elite Award

Hsinchu, Taiwan

The Brickcom OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X has been honoured with the best product in the “ICT Month Innovatve Elite Awards”. In order to promote the innovation of ICT products, the committee of ICT Month Selection Activity holds “ICT Month Innovative Elite Awards” for local industry each year. The judges base their decision on the criteria of innovative of technology, overall design, functionality, usability and marketing potential to select what they consider to be the best performance product.

The OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X is designed for severe environments, such as the desert and frozen areas. The built-in IR illuminators can be effective over 150 metres, providing effective clear images for the users in extreme low light environments.

With Brickcom 120dB WDR Enhancement technology, the camera is able to display crystal clear images in the scene even when glare is present, or even high contrast, strong backlight, or light reflections. Additionally, the function of the 20X zoom with auto focus enables users to focus precisely and quickly. Meanwhile, Brickcom incorporates Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS) technology with the OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X to effectively solve the problem of camera shake. The EIS function can internally detect image shake due to camera vibration, and performs digital compensation processing to suppress it and to stabilise the image output.


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