Lilin forms close partnership with Nuuo

Lilin has confirmed a new and close working strategic partnership with Nuuo, a company specialised in delivering open platform video management solutions by combining IP and analogue technologies with IVS detections.
Back in 2009, Lilin was amongst the first CCTV manufacturers to launch ONVIF conformant network video products. Since then, Lilin’s commitment to interoperability has become standard; the entire Lilin IP product range is now ONVIF compliant.

As one of the first to recognise the real potential of ONVIF conformant products, Lilin understood that the user could benefit from a greater choice, flexibility and cost savings, and consequently opted to incorporate the ONVIF open protocol as standard. Lilin is now benefitting from a vision they anticipated years ago as the IP market has accelerated due to integration and open compatibility.

Both Lilin and Nuuo share the same dedication to open platforms making it easier for users to take advantage of the possibilities offered by network video solutions. This close partnership sees both companies working to achieve global interoperability and a seamless integration of different network video surveillance products, regardless of the brand.

Business News

Retail analytics market to reach $4.4B

According to recent studies, various sources of shrinkage such as theft, organised retail crime (OCR), fraud from supplier’s end, shoplifting and others caused an overall loss of around $112 Billion in 2012. Minimizing such monetary losses is one of the functionalities that the retail analytics solutions offer today. Thus, a number of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises are rapidly deploying data analytics tools that can provide effective prediction, analysis and reporting for alleviating shrink.

Product News

Vivotek advanced VCA solutions

Vivotek is launching its first video content analysis (VCA) application package, which includes three key functions: field detection, line crossing detection, and object counting. The introduction of the new VCA application package follows the debut of the Vivotek Application Development Platform (VADP), an open platform for integrating video analytic functionality within its cameras. Now, the VCA package can analyse data directly on a camera to provide solutions for business applications, in addition to traditional security use cases.

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