Planet innovations shine at 2012 Taiwan Excellence Awards

Five of the leading-edge products from Planet Technology were awarded the "2012 Taiwan Excellence Award".
The winning products are the IP67 industrial M12 fast ethernet PoE switch (ISW-804PT-M12), industrial VDSL2 / PoE ethernet extender (IVC-2004PT), PoE solar power system (BSP-400), wireless fisheye panorama IP camera (ICA-HM830W), and desktop unified office gateway (UMG-1000). The awards not only marked the best record for Planet since its participation in the selection in 2004, but also showed their excellence in industrial networking communication products, thanks to Planet's R&D team being focused on various markets over recent years .

The "2012 Taiwan Excellence Award" was organised by TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council) commissioned by the Ministry of Economics Affairs (MOEA) of the R.O.C. government. It is the highest award accolade for innovative products made in Taiwan with a focus on outstanding performance in R&D and product innovation, top quality manufacture, global marketing and brand awareness. The Planet products were awarded in recognition for their highly innovative R&D with environmentally-friendly design catering to the green technology trend.

The IP67 industrial M12 fast ethernet PoE switch (ISW-804PT-M12) adopts robust industrial M12 PoE ethernet connector interface for greater protection against vibration and shock, which makes it perfect for operating in demanding environments. Another industrial ethernet product-- industrial VDSL2 / PoE ethernet extender (IVC-2004PT) is designed to utilise either coaxial cables or phone wires to extend the ethernet up to 2.4km, satisfying the demand of long distance transmission in heavy industrial demanding environments. The two products are designed for harsh industrial environments, featuring industrial-grade housing design, wide temperature range operation (-40 ~ 70 Degree C), and power over ethernet.

Utilising solar power and PoE technology, the PoE solar power system (BSP-400) transmits power and data via ethernet cable to outdoor wireless AP and IP cameras. Therefore, without geographical constraints, it’s an ideal and green solution for wireless hotspots in the city or wireless transmission and IP surveillance applications in remote areas, such as mountains, forests, and islands.

The industry-leading wireless fisheye panorama IP camera (ICA-HM830W) integrates IEEE 802.11n wireless technology and a unique fisheye lens to achieve 360 degree panoramic wide angle surveillance without blind spots. It substantially upgrades the capabilities of security monitoring efficiency and saves great deployment cost for SMBs instead of installing multiple traditional IP cameras.

The desktop unified office gateway (UMG-1000) is a re-innovated model from unified office gateway (UMG-2000), another of Planet's products to be awarded a Taiwan Excellence award in 2010. Designed for SMBs of up to 100 people, the UMG-1000 integrates switches, network storage service, IP PBX / VoIP / fax services, email services and internet security in one device. It provides a simple and easy all in one IP networking solution for SMBs.

These award-winning products range from industrial ethernet, IP surveillance and applications for SMBs that once again demonstrate Planet’s strengths in product innovation and growing global brand recognition.

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