Raytec open new HQ

Ashington, Northumberland (UK)

Raytec outgrows old premises and moves to new larger HQ facility

The last year has been busy for UK surveillance and hazardous area lighting manufacturer Raytec, and having outgrown their current premises they have now moved to a bigger and better facility.

The move to the new 30,000 sqft UK premises in Ashington, Northumberland comes to support Raytec’s plans for continued growth in 2017 and beyond – providing nearly 3 times the amount of space for expansion.

Considered as the number 1 LED lighting manufacturer in the security industry, and with a growing business in hazardous area lighting, Raytec illuminators are well known for delivering the ultimate in quality and reliability - built on a long history of successful innovation.

With all manufacturing, R&D, software development, quality, technical support, lighting design, sales and marketing under one roof, Raytec are ideally positioned to respond to customer demands quickly – often providing custom built solutions to meet the exact customer requirements.

The move to larger premises will allow Raytec to increase their production capability and continue to build their team of lighting experts even further - and remain the lighting partner of choice for a diverse range of security and safety applications. In particular, Raytec’s hazardous area LED lighting division has seen exponential growth in the last few years. The new move will support Raytec’s plans to extend this product portfolio even further.

“We have always been proud that all of our illuminators are designed and manufactured here in the UK. We started out in Ashington over 10 years ago and we’re thrilled to be moving to our new premises and staying in the local area – just 100 metres down the road in fact!” comments David Lambert, Raytec Managing Director (Joint). “Crucially, the new move will allow us to tackle more challenging projects, provide quicker lead times for our customers, with the flexibility to respond to market demands for more intelligent and bespoke solutions”.

Some of the bespoke LED lighting projects driven by Raytec’s ‘special operations’ team are very exciting indeed. These have included recessed under-vehicle lighting, vibration-resistant mining lighting, pulsed lighting for number plate capture and machine vision, automatic zoomable lighting, coloured signal lighting, UV lighting for manufacturing and many more!

“Outgrowing our current premises is an exciting prospect for Raytec, and this move is another step along that continuous journey of development and growth” adds David. “We truly want Raytec to be an enjoyable and productive place to work. We will continue to invest in our facilities to ensure they provide an excellent environment so that our team can collaborate, work and share knowledge more effectively for the benefit of our customers”.

David goes on to say “We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all customers, suppliers, alliance partners and friends of the company for their support over the years. Our close partnerships, joint ventures and technology integrations have played a vital role in our success - and we look forward to continuing to lead and drive lighting innovation in our key markets”.


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