TBS Biometrics secures sensitive global medical research

Boudry and Pfaffikon, Switzerland

The global pharmaceutical company Celgene is relying on a biometric solution by TBS combined with Dormakaba for securing its European research laboratories.

Celegne’s business field is very sensitive. Researching, developing and marketing new therapies for treating hitherto incurable diseases requires security and know-how protection. Additionally to the American headquarters in New Jersey, protection was also needed for the company’s European headquarters in Boudry, Switzerland.

Celgene is an innovative high-tech company, and has equally high expectations for its security. It quickly became apparent, that the focus should be on biometrics rather than on ID cards or even keys. “It was critical for us to avoid misuse, hence the incorporation of biometrics. Conventional cards or keys can be passed on and are therefore not suitable for critical applications”, says Roberto Paolasini, leader of the Facilities Support Team at Celgene. The demanding requirements regarding security and reliability lead the decision-making process towards a system that combines software by dormakaba and hardware by TBS. “In Switzerland, our entrance areas exclusively incorporate TBS biometric solutions, since they are easy to use”, explains Daniel Fischer, Product Manager at Dormakaba. Cegelene was swiftly convinced by TBS’ reliable technology and top-class references.

The integrator Dormakaba designed a system, providing comprehensive access control for outdoor and indoor applications. Apart from main entrance areas, the system mainly secures higher security facilities. That presents the technology used with challenges, as it must flawlessly function outdoors and at the same time withstand impacts such as weather and sunlight. Celgene has so far deployed biometric devices that are being used by over 1000 people. Devices in use are the non-contact 3D fingerscan terminal by TBS, providing maximum security and comfort at the point of access. Data are securely stored in the central system. Due to its variety of scalable modules, this system can be customized according to the specific needs of Celgene. Additionally to the access control, this solution provides smart functions such

“In Switzerland, our entrance areas exclusively incorporate biometric solutions by TBS, since they are easy to use” Daniel Fischer, Product Manager, Dormakaba as visitor authorisation and management, parking management, and time logging.

The parties in charge at Celgene are satisfied with the implemented system. “Our experience so far has been very good: user acceptance is high, and using the system is comfortable and trouble-free. The cooperation has been smooth as well. At the moment, we plan further expansions for biometrics; our laboratories are to be equipped with additional access control systems”. An even deeper integration of the TBS biometric system into Dormakaba access control is currently in progress. This integration is a preparation for the international rollout of the system."

The TBS 3D-Terminal is a three dimensional, contact-free fingerprint sensor, using three integrated cameras for its scanning process. TBS solutions are particularly suitable for high security and large user groups. It can be used with TBS Biomanager software or integrated into any existing security software.


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