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Keen Yao, the VP of Hikvision’s International Business Centre.

Hikvision responds to accusations of being a cyber security risk

In its latest issue, the security trade magazine Detektor International (1/2017), reports that products from Hikvision are being accused of being a cyber security risk. Various media sources have even claimed that the Chinese government may even have access to to the Hikvision cameras. Furthermore, the magazine reports that the market leading VMS company Genetec has introduced restrictions against Hikvision products and this has increased the air of mistrust.

In the light of these recent accusations and criticsm, the magazine also published an exclusive interview with Keen Yao, the VP of Hikvision’s International Business Centre, conducted by Lennart Alexandrie, Editor in Chief of Detektor magazine.

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Airlive Topology PoE Gigabit switch for IP surveillance

IP surveillance is a mission critical field that requires a reliable 24/7 operating service meaning users need far more than just reliable cameras. Airlive, powered by Ovislink Corp, with over 23 years of network communications and surveillance security experience, has recognised the demand and is now launching its Topology PoE Gigabit switch series, made up of the POE-GSH2624-370, POE-GSH1816R-250, POE-GSH1008R-120 all with rich functions for this specific mission critical purpose.

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