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OT Systems new hardened managed 8-port gigabit Ethernet switches

Indirect lightning strikes are common when the lightning current branches off, striking obstacles as it traverses its way to Earth and destroys everything in its path. Lightning strikes can cause dangerous power surges if a surveillance system is not protected. Cameras, storage systems and connection will lose function, suffer damage and loss. An embedded 6kV surge protection from OT Systems, specially designed for surveillance systems can protect against lightning risk. Each copper port can endure a 6kV surge issue and protect the equipment.


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Etherwan stabilises surveillance in retail

Large retail warehouses can be crowded with shoppers, and this often brings with it problems of retail shrinkage and criminal activities that demand video surveillance to be in place. In order to achieve more effective retail chain management and an improved shopping experience, a robust IP surveillance system can play a main role in this, but at the same time it requires stable IP transmission to ensure that the system delivers its best performance at all times.


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Airlive Topology PoE Gigabit switch for IP surveillance

IP surveillance is a mission critical field that requires a reliable 24/7 operating service meaning users need far more than just reliable cameras. Airlive, powered by Ovislink Corp, with over 23 years of network communications and surveillance security experience, has recognised the demand and is now launching its Topology PoE Gigabit switch series, made up of the POE-GSH2624-370, POE-GSH1816R-250, POE-GSH1008R-120 all with rich functions for this specific mission critical purpose.

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