Minister promotes UK role in global border security

In his first public address as the new Immigration Minister, Mark Harper promoted the UK's role in global border security at the first Borderpol Conference and Expo recently held in London.
Borderpol's inaugural conference and expo, co-hosted by the UK's Border Force, was held in central London, in October. Keynote speeches were delivered by Mark Harper the UK Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, Canada's Minister of
Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism and Tony Smith, the interim Director General of the UK's Border Force.

In his first public address since taking on the new role, Mark Harper said; "Border transformation is a key focus for the government and this is an opportunity to promote the UK's role in global border security. The border matters and security is our primary focus, but ensuring border security is not something that one nation can consider in isolation, all countries need to work

Tony Smith said; "I currently have the privilege of leading Border Force which comprises of over 7,000 officers here in the UK. I'm passionate about border security, and have always worked very hard to ensure that international borders are safe and secure, so that legitimate travellers and goods can travel through freely across the globe but where threats are intercepted and dealt with
severely in advance."

Mr Smith went on to thank Borderpol in making the event happen and bringing together so many international colleagues. He went on to say; "Borderpol's primary mission is to promote international borders for enhanced human mobility whilst ensuring travellers safety and security. They also aim to promote common standards and good governance within the International Border security and border management community. This includes the establishment of relevant information sharing systems, in order to meet broad international border requirements. It is this mission, ladies and gentlemen, which chimes exactly with what I am trying to do here in the UK and I am sure chimes with many of the things you are trying to do in your own jurisdictions."

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