Sunstone creates first solar-powered IP systems

Herne Bay, Kent (UK)

Sunstone IP Systems Limited, a fast-growing security systems integrator, has designed a patent-pending Solar IP CCTV System (SICS), which delivers high quality and high definition (HD) surveillance in remote locations.

SICS was designed in response to the challenge of delivering wireless surveillance in remote and corrosive environments combined with extreme weather conditions to enable seamless HD monitoring for high security operations across a wide geographic area, such as oilfields. Typically, such environments lack fixed buildings, power and connectivity, so it was integral that SICS was designed to be completely standalone, easily transportable and rapidly deployed.

Completely self-sustaining, SICS uses a 500w combination of ruggedised solar panels, which were custom engineered for optimum solar angles in a range of global locations. The energy from the sun is harvested from the panels and stored in a proprietary harsh environment battery system, which is designed to withstand deep cycling along with extremely high and low temperatures. The power generated from the solar and battery system can fuel any type of IP camera system, wireless access control, telecommunications or LED lighting system.

In addition, SICS is fitted with a system controller, which enables real-time monitoring of all aspects of the system, including solar and battery performance, alongside a GPS location alert on system threats, such as extreme temperature or snow build up. The solar controller is vital to the effective operation of SICS, providing security operatives with diagnostic information and the ability to completely monitor the system remotely.

Sunstone works in partnership with its customers to deliver robust, high quality, cost saving solutions underpinned by outstanding technical support. Their solutions are fully scalable to ensure they will continue to meet the future needs of any business and security operation.

Commenting, Paul Schelhaas, Chief Executive Officer, Sunstone IP Systems, said: “The requirement for security does not always coincide with the availability of electricity and communication systems to relay footage to where it is needed. SICS represents a true industry breakthrough in delivering high quality HD surveillance to remote and harsh locations.”


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