Tyco upgrades Kantech Entrapass

London, UK

The new Kantech Entrapass Version 7.10 incorporates improvements to existing functionality, as well as a number of new innovative features, including support for a server based Go Pass mobile app which allows card holders to use their mobile phones as an access control credential.

“The improvements introduced in Entrapass 7.10 are all about making life easier for end-users,” said Rafael Schrijvers, Access Control Product Marketing Manager, EMEA for Tyco Security Products. “The Go Pass mobile app in particular is a giant leap forward in convenience. We expect nowadays to pay for coffee or board an airplane with our phones. With Go Pass we have responded to market demand by providing the flexibility for users to gain access to restricted areas using their smartphones.

“It is an ideal solution for applications where there might normally be a high turnover of access control cards, such as at university campuses and manufacturing plants. It will also reduce the cost of lost cards, as well as managing the access rights of visitors and contractors.”

Using the Entrapass Go Pass mobile app, cardholders can gain access to a secure area simply by pressing an onscreen icon as they approach the entrance. The app communicates directly with the access control system’s server via Wifi or a cellular connection. This enables companies to utilise their existing access control card reader infrastructure and negates the need to incur the cost of purchasing new card readers normally required with other mobile credentialing technologies.

Entrapass 7.10 software incorporates updates to its integration with Microsoft Windows Active Directory and as a result, it is now able to auto-synchronises users.  In addition the Entrapass 7.10 extends the advantages of the Entrapass Go Install app to installation engineers who use android devices. They can now configure Kantech door controllers with just one touch on a mobile device.

Using a QR code scan which auto-fills the door controller's address and serial number, installation is faster and the potential for manual entry errors is eliminated. The app provides a wizard driven commissioning process that helps ensure that no device has been left un-commissioned. It also allows installers to store pictures and notes which will help with subsequent visits.

“In Entrapass 7.10 we have endeavoured to improve the ‘customer experience”, said Rafael Schrijvers. “We intend to continually do so and over the coming months we will be announcing further updates and additions to our Kantech branded solutions.”


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