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Surveon safeguards cities in Southern Taiwan

The police unit in southern Taiwan has adopted 4000+ Surveon IP cameras for city surveillance applications. To ensure the protection of lives and properties of citizens, they have planned to upgrade the inner city surveillance system that needs to be fully integrated with the control centre, branches, sub-station junctions and the existing IT infrastructure. As a result, Surveon’s 3 megapixel camera offered not only high image quality and good low light performance, but also came with extremely low failure rate, ensuring all traffic on the roads and streets can be well-monitored.

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Pierre Racz, CEO of Genetec was interviewed by Detektor International 1/2007. His claims in that interview ( also published on are the target for the heavy criticism in the open letter, written by Keen Yao, the VP of Hikvision International Business Center.

Hikvision to Genetec: “Vague accusations and outrageous claims”

Hikvision responds to statements about cyber security concerns, made by Genetec´s CEO Pierre Racz in an interview, published in the Detektor magazine no 1 2017 (also on this morning).

In the interview Pierre Racz talks about why Genetec has imposed special restrictions on the use of Hikvision products, connected to the Genetec VMS platform.

Now, Keen Yao, VP of Hikvision International Business Center, responds with an open letter on

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"The concern is directly proportional to the sophistication of the organisation."says Pierre Racz

Racz speaks out on why Genetec sees Hikvision products as security risks

Earlier today Securityworldhotel .com published an exclusive interview – originally published in Detektor International 1/2017– where Keen Yao, VP of Hikvision's International Business Centre, responds to the media sources that have claimed that Hikvision products are cyber security risks.

 In the same security trade magazine there is an interview with Pierre Racz, the CEO of Genetec  where he explains why the VMS-company has introduced a special restriction policy regarding Hikvision and also Huawei products. 
 "Governments have told us they are extremely concerned about the origins of these products.", says Pierre Racz in the interview, published here below on in its full length.

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Keen Yao, the VP of Hikvision’s International Business Centre.

Hikvision responds to accusations of being a cyber security risk

In its latest issue, the security trade magazine Detektor International (1/2017), reports that products from Hikvision are being accused of being a cyber security risk. Various media sources have even claimed that the Chinese government may even have access to to the Hikvision cameras. Furthermore, the magazine reports that the market leading VMS company Genetec has introduced restrictions against Hikvision products and this has increased the air of mistrust.

In the light of these recent accusations and criticsm, the magazine also published an exclusive interview with Keen Yao, the VP of Hikvision’s International Business Centre, conducted by Lennart Alexandrie, Editor in Chief of Detektor magazine.

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