Johan Jubbega, Bosch: “We have only seen the start of smart buildings"

In an interview with Detektor TV Magazine, Johan Jubbega, Senior Vice President Sales of Bosch Security Systems, stresses that interconnectivity is the main trend in the physical security industry.

Johan Jubbega says: “This in an interconnected world. All devices are connected; I think that is the most interesting trend we see in the security market today.”

He believes that smart buildings and smart cities are going to take off.

“We have only seen the start of it. With an interconnected world and the Internet of Things, we will see a lot more of that and we intend to be at the forefront of it”, he says.

Johan Jubbega also stresses that Bosch is looking for new markets, especially in Africa and that it is very important to bring intelligent video analysis and data security to its end users.

An extensive interview with Johan Jubbega has been published in the security trade magazine Detektor International.

Watch the interview now on Detektor Web TV: Click here

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