Securiton sensors deployed in Olympics legacy project

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and Zollikofen, Switzerland

The Senador Nelson Carneiro Tunnel, part of the Transolímpica BRT (bus rapid transit) project built under the Engenho Velho, a mountain in Rio de Janeiro City, RJ, Brazil is being monitored using Securisens LIST technology from Securiton.

The BRT project is one of several mobility projects underway as part of the legacy of the Olympic Games. More than that, the BRT corridor is the main road link between the Deodoro Olympic Complex and the Olympic Park located in Barra da Tijuca district, and was thus essential for transport logistics during the Olympic games.

Providing two lanes for cars and an exclusive express lane for the BRT in each direction, the twin-bore tunnel was inaugurated on July 9, 2016 and is equipped with Securiton's special Securisens LIST fire detection system to ensure the safety of Olympic visitors and, today, thousands of daily users. The system consists of 12 km of LIST line type heat detectors for tunnel environment protection – believed to be one of the longest installations of road tunnel sensor cable in Brazil today.

The supply and installation were carried out in record time to ensure that the tunnel would be commissioned in time for the 2016 Olympic Games. The project was implemented by Securiton representative Augeo Engenharia.


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