Huperlab releases 16CH HD-SDI Tribrid CCTV System

Taipei, Taiwan

Huperlab is launching the Hupervision HD-SDI CCTV Tribrid system that supports up to 16CH HD-SDI CCTV real-time display and recording whilst maintaining system stability 24/7.
Utilising the 2nd generation Intel Core processor, the Hupervision HD-SDI CCTV system delivers high performance, real-time 1080p/720p HD display and recording, which is perfect for CCTV professionals to upgrade to HD surveillance while preserving the coaxial cable infrastructure and operating interface. The 16ch models of huperVision HD-SDI CCTV Tribrid system supports real-time display while its 720p recording rates range from 240FPS to 480FPS, and the 1080p one is 240FPS.

With the Huperlab exclusive design, the Hupervision HD DVR card supports up to 4CH 1080p/720p real-time display and recording. Each channel is able to be individually connected to various HD-SDI cameras at different resolutions. System integrators and installers also can make good use of stackable HD DVR cards to further level up to a 16CH HD-SDI surveillance system. The Tribrid feature within the Hupervision HD-SDI CCTV system further enables the connection of HD-SDI, CCTV and IP cameras in one system. Different camera combinations can be assigned at various use scenarios on demand.

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Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University, the kingdom's flagship security project featuring OT Systems' industrial Ethernet media converter, is the first women's university in Saudi Arabia as well as the largest women-only university in the world.

University in Riyadh utilises OT Systems

Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University in Riyadh recently enhanced it's billion dollar surveillance system by adding 150 pairs of OT Systems' ET1111 media converters to it's state-of-the-art access control system spanning the entire campus. This is the University's second phase of OTS product installations. It first installed OTS solutions nearly four years ago as part of their video surveillance and perimeter-intrusion detection systems.

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Working closely with Hyperion, AGP developed a total-surveillance system for the Algona facility that incorporated high quality components delivered at a cost effective price.

Vivotek and Hyperion sow the seeds for the future with AGP

Ag Processing Inc (AGP) a cooperative organisation, probably has more experience than almost any other company in the procurement, processing, marketing, and transportation of oil seeds, grains, and related products. Since 1983, AGP has expanded not only through experience, but also via the extent of its vast network which now includes 172 cooperatives representing more than 250,000 farmers across the Mid West United States, and additional regional cooperatives in the US and in Canada. AGP also serves as the largest cooperative soya bean processing company in the world and is a leading provider of soya bean meal and refined vegetable oils. Despite this complex network, AGP’s mission is simple: help local producers earn more from their crops by linking them to markets around the globe.

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Dorma and Kaba in merger agreement

Kaba Holding AG, headquartered in Rümlang (Switzerland), and family-owned Dorma Holding GmbH + Co. KGaA, headquartered in Ennepetal (Germany), plan to merge to become the Dorma+Kaba group. A corresponding transaction agreement was signed this week. According to the most recent IHS report on electronic access control, the merger of Kaba and Dorma would make the combined company the second-largest player in EMEA’s access control industry, second only to Assa Abloy.

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Vivotek portable configuration tool -Shepherd 2

Vivotek has released its portable batch device configuration tool Shepherd 2. Embedded with device management functions and designed with an intuitive user interface, Shepherd 2 can easily set up multiple surveillance cameras at once. Most uniquely, the Shepherd 2 can directly maintain, restore, and restart a batch of selected network cameras, allowing the user to access and to use the network cameras on the list more easily and efficiently.

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